SynthPop and Electro Music

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Electro is centered on a driving drum machine beat with many different cool synthesizer riffs, and a groovy bass line. The concept is usually to achieve a sci-fi sound within the track. Use heavy amounts of Distortion, delay, reverb, phase and chorus to produce robotic sounding vocals and instrumentation.

With only a couple of loops, and several good effects work you can create some great Electro tracks. By using a vocoder or effects to obtain a Stephen Hawking type voice, for vocals is a cool method.

Try and target your synth work. the rest of the instruments are very within the back seat to the synthesizer.


If you’ve ever heard an early on “MTV Era” band like Flock of Seagulls, a-ha, devo, understanding that crowd, then you’ve got heard Synth Pop. Its much like Electro, except the main objective is more typically “pop” instead of robotic, it’s also; usually, slower paced.

Devo stood a more Punk mentality. Thomas Dolby was the first real ‘geek’ pop star. Synthpop uses all the classic instruments of pop and pop rock, however the synthesizer is the dominate instrument getting used.

Consider ‘I Ran So Far’, it uses typical pop melodies, instruments and it is paced being a pop song. Yet; if you take notice, the song is driven through the simple synthesizer melody being played. ‘Cars’ by Gary Numan is probably the ultimate example of the SynthPop track. The harder robotic feel, processing around the instruments and concentrate on the synth is pure synthpop classic.

To create synthpop you ought to first listen to some 80’s new wave groups, then try Savage Garden and jameriqaui. However, not viewed as a SynthPop group jameriqaui uses the inspiration of synth quite a lot, helping to make for good idea fodder.

To develop the tracks, maintain your synth inside the foreground with vocals. If you are any good, with a synthesizer you’ll be able to substitute any, and all instruments with synth versions. Try using the synth rather than control guitar.

I’ll say its difficult to produce synthpop without having to be able to play a synthesizer sufficiently to make it happen all, or having a band to back you up. But a bit of creativity, you can do anything with loops.
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